Safaree and Jacquae finally meet at the Gwinnin Cave and Self can’t wait to reveal that they both dealt with Sophia the Body. SMH. Self just loves to keep up mess. The guys don’t seem to care about this new info. Safaree moves forward to reveal that Dream posted another man for National Boyfriend Day. Um, but is that your girl bro? Anyway, he says that she’s been “distant and weird” ever since Self blurted out that he’d be working with Mariahlynn. Later, Safaree meets up with Dream Doll to clarify what’s happening with their relationship but all she wants to do is deter him from working with Mariahlynn. She hints that she posted another man’s (another rapper’s) pic online because Safaree’s “lacking.” She demands that he not work with Mariah and “if I find out otherwise, it’s gonna be a big problem. So we’re not gonna do that right?” When he finally just says that he respects her and whatever their “relationship” is, she spazzed out. “Why can’t you just say what I f*cking asked you to say bro?” Then she storms out, screaming that it’s over. Ol’ girl is a child. Get your money Safaree.

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