Karl is hoping to get the leading role in Lil Mo’s new video. The “30 Minutes” song sounds aiight, BTW. So yeah, Karl thinks he’s a shoo-in but Mo is holding auditions for other men to slide in, for the role that is. He doesn’t think he should have to audition, she believes otherwise. Truthfully, he’s acting like she was the one sexting.

Juju brings Yandy in for a spot in her play. Safaree comes to the table read and once Yandy leaves, he works up the courage to invite Juju out for a night. Somewhere that he says helped him heal after ending his 12-year relationship with Nicki (this is the first time we recall him mentioning her by name, on the show. Interesting.) Juju agrees to it, reluctantly.

Mariahlynn meets with Self who immediately brings up the Central Park fight with Dream Doll. He calls Mariah the “common denominator” and she’s tight, for good reason though. Mariah shares that Dream attacked her music. She yells that she’s being provoked and this time that’s what appears to be happening. Again, Self defends Dream, saying that he “would never talk to anyone about anyone else’s music,” although that’s what he kinda did here.

Mariah gets fed up and says that if he continues to take ol’ girl’s side, she’s off the Gwinnin team.

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