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Dave Chappelle wasn’t exactly stressing critics as his standup star continued to rise through 2017 with a series of Netflix specials, although some of his jokes upset many in the trans community. Once again the comedian took aim at a controversial topic that he’ll undoubtedly have to answer for after Chappelle said he found the sexual misconduct claims against fellow comedian Louis C.K. laughable. 

Treading on the fine line of comedy and commentary, Chappelle referred to Louis C.K’s accusers as “brittle” and “weak” by saying they endured too much. While he admitted the direction of the joke was tasteless, Chappelle didn’t pull back his punches.

From Page Six:

“I shouldn’t say this, but f–k it, [C.K’s] allegations were the only one that made me laugh,” he said in his “Dave Chappelle: The Bird Revelation” special released on New Year’s Eve. “It’s terrible, I know it’s terrible. I’m sorry, ladies … At the same time, you know what I mean, Jesus Christ, I don’t know, they took everything from Louis, it might be disproportionate, I can’t tell, I can’t tell, this is like where it’s hard to be a man.”

Chappelle, 44, went on to address C.K.’s incident with writer Abby Schachner, with whom he masturbated while on the phone. She told the New York Times that it was “one of the things that discouraged her from pursuing comedy.”

“One lady said, ‘Louis C.K. masturbated in front of me, ruined my comedy dreams,’” he said of Schachner. “Word? Well then I daresay, madam, you may have never had a dream. Come on, man, that’s a brittle spirit. That is a brittle-ass spirit, that is too much, this grown-ass woman.”

Chappelle went on to throw Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in the joke, trying to make the larger point that what Louis C.K. was wrong but perhaps the reaction to the act was overblown or an easy moment to move past. What the fallout of these jokes will remain to be seen but so far, it looks like there will be plenty of chatter around this special in the days to come.

There have been some reaction on Twitter to Chappelle’s jokes and we’ve shared them below and on the following pages.


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