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Bruno Mars and Cardi B got an early contender for video of the year with the clip for the “Finesse (Remix).” Since it dropped, the Internets has been showering the song and visual for its ’90’s nostalgia-inducing vibes. 

While Bruno Mars is no doubt a generational talent, Cardi B made the track exponentially more fire.

Real recognize real. That said, here are 11, or so, tweets that encapsulate why everyone is loving the the “Finesse (Remix)” so much.

Where is the lie?

The ’90s really were the best.

Cardi B can do no wrong, right?

The Cross Colours-flavored gear was definitely on point.

So powerful, so emotional.

Yeah, Cardi B stayed winning in 2017, and 2018 is already no different.

But let’s not forget to give Bruno Mars his props.

Cardi B is all of us.

Wait, when did Bruno Mars’ 24K album come out?

#ForTheCulture, indeed.

Good music definitely has healing properties.

The Accuracy.