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Actress and comedian Mo’Nique wants y’all to boycott Netflix. However, Twitter’s reaction to her suggestion was less than enthusiastic.

Mo’Nique is big mad that Netflix paid her way less for her comedy special than it did for Amy Schumer’s. In an Instagram post, she calmly explained that Schumer caught an $11M for her special while she only got a mere $500K.

Netflix’s explanation was they don’t go buy resumes, but when pressed, it seemed they did go by resumes. Now Google Mo’Nique.

While Mo’Nique’s argument is valid, many weren’t trying to give up their Netflix & chill habit.

Cold world. Peep the mixed reactions below and on the flip. Also, let’s never forget that Mo’Nique coming for Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels surely didn’t help her cause.


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