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After Monique called out Netflix for lowballing her with a $500,000 offer for a comedy special, Wanda Sykes took to Twitter to expound on Monique’s notion that Netflix has a gender and color bias.

Sykes admitted that she too was “offended” by the popular streaming service when they offered her half of the bag they presented to the “Precious” actress for her own comedy special.

While a few hundred thousand dollars for an hour of work seem like a no-brainer for most people this is the same company that blessed Amy ‘Joke Jackin” Schumer with a $13 million dollar payday (really?!) and Dave Chappelle with a $20 million check.

We don’t know about y’all but if Netflix can offer Schumer a $13 million bag they can surely do better than a few hundred thousand dollars for two well-accomplished entertainers like Monique and Sykes. Monique is an Oscar-winning actress for God’s sake!