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The iPhone X, Apple’s $1,000 pride and joy at the moment might possibly share the same fate as the iPhone 5C if this leak pans out. According to a very credible source, the iPhone X might not make it through 2018 and will be canceled by Apple. 

Well, who saw this coming?

Now it’s still just a leak but the source, KGI Securities‘ analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo who is VERY RELIABLE points to the iPhone X’s lackluster sales that will lead to the X’s cancellation this summer according to an Apple Insider report. If this is indeed the case, this will be the first time Apple has cut the chord on a new phone model prematurely since 2014 when they chuck the iPhone 5C the deuce.


Kuo also points out the fact the iPhone X did not really catch on in China and is another reason Apple is planning to move on from the X so swiftly. Chinese consumers were possibly turned off by X because of “the notch holding the sensors for the device, giving the sense the phone removed too much “usable space”. There is also a new Cowan survey that points out that interest in Apple’s new iPhones is historically low.

The iPhone X’s rumored failure is not going to slow down the tech giant. Kuo is still expecting small growth for the company as much as up to 5%. According to notes the “Super Cycle” should start up in the fall and that Apple could see 10% growth in the entirety of the calendar year in 2018. Apple expects that growth to come from the trio of new iPhone X  inspired models plus a new SE model that will feature reduced Face ID notches reportedly coming in the fall that will replace outgoing iPhone X.

Apple hopes these new phones will regain the excitement that was lost with the first iteration of the X. So if you are still currently waiting to purchase a new iPhone or bought the iPhone 8 Plus you seemingly dodged a bullet with the iPhone X. For those who went and bought the rumored $1,000 flop does that make you feel some sort of way?  Sound off in the comments below and let us know how you really feel.

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