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Erykah Badu found herself on the receiving end of some heavy backlash after a Vulture interview was published with a head-turning quote about seeing the good about Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Badu took to Twitter to address the outrage but appears largely unbothered by the whole thing.

“Say what u must. Dialogue is cool. I invite it. But please do me a favor if you can, Black & Jewish Twitter, just don’t use the word “problematic” any more. Y’all using that too much…oh and read the article, Badu tweeted Wednesday (Jan. 24) at the height of the controversy. She also chin-checked fans who tried to come at her but it didn’t have any effect on the longtime R&B singer.

Well, that settles all of that.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Defamation League lashed out with tweets of their own, highlighting that Hitler killed 6 million Jews and was responsible for many more deaths during his terrifying reign.

Badu, once again, brushed aside the discussion in her usual fashion.

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