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Polo Snow Beach Collection 8

Source: Polo / Polo Ralph Lauren

This morning (January 25), many a Ralph Lauren connoisseur was up early in hopes of landing a prized piece from the re-released Polo Snow Beach collection. However, for many their efforts were fruitless as many of the prized piece, including the Snow Beach pullover jacket, sold out in minutes. 

Polo said the collection was limited, but this was ridiculous. Many fumed in private, some took to the Internets to express their frustration.

Maybe Chef Raekwon was on to something being pissed that Ralph Lauren didn’t bother to reach out to him considering his rocking the coveted Snow Beach jacket in Wu-Tang Clan’s “Can It Be All So Simple” video is exactly what made it some damn coveted. (The did passingly mention him in RL Mag’s write up, though.)

Complex dropped an editorial asking if Ralph Lauren was finally giving Hip-Hop its props with the drop.

Short answer, nope—but he’s surely fleecing the culture for that bag.

Longer answer, Hip-Hop never actually gave a f*ck what the man born Ralph Lifshitz thought about the culture. What kids from the hood did was take his aspirational lifestyle gear and rock it our way. The result was the heightening of its freshness factor to levels the white collar dudes in the country club, that the clothes were actually catered to and made for, could never even imagine.

Those Lo Lives who we love to see and hear wax nostalgic about the good old days weren’t paying a dime for their gear. They were boosting those coveted items—sell some on the side and you got money in your pockets and are fresh dipped. The purest of illicit ghetto flourishment.

The irony is that the free hood marketing likely upped sales with kids who didn’t have the courage (or had the smarts, depending on the angle you’re looking at) to go shoplifting and got their parents to ante up the dough, or hustled themselves, to cop those expensive pieces.

So here we are, when heads that now have the disposable income to cop an item at retail still are short because hypebeasts (and bots, maybe?) prevented them from coming up on Polo Snow Beach, again.

We reached out to Ralph Lauren and haven’t received any comment yet. But hey, at least Just Blaze clearly got the plug.

Cold game.