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Dr. Dre Announces April 20 “Detox” Release Date

The top 2 albums on the “Albums we never thought were coming out” list have finally been giving release dates.

Last night, superproducer, Just Blaze stuck his face in the camera for 17 seconds via Twitvid stating,

“You know what album’s coming out February 15.”

That LP is his artist Saigon’s almost appropriately named, The Greatest Story Never Told. He then poses the question for viewers to guess what else is coming out and pans the camera to his left where a muscle shirt-wearing Dr. Dre exclaims,

“Pow pow! Four-twenty, baby! Four-twenty! I’m comin’!”

For those that don’t know, that’s the Mary Jane partakers officially celebrate and lite it up.

And just like that, a release date has been issued for the “Big Foot” of all hip-hop albums, or as Just Blaze cleverly put it,

“You might just see a unicorn this year too!”

Detox is the follow-up to Dre’s classics, The Chronic, and The Chronic 2001.

The expectations have been set so high that maybe 10 years was just enough time to get the formula correct.  Critics and fans will be eagerly anticipating him to pick up right where he left off.

There has been no official press release from label reps confirming the date and there have been rumored Detox sightings before.  This time feels slightly different with the Cali legend confirming the third Wednesday in April.  Mark your calendars.


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