Gipp & Khujo Speak On Goodie M.O.b Reunion


The Goodie M.O.b has fans anxiously awaiting for their reunion concert on September 19 in Atlanta. Taking place at the Masquerade, Khujo Goodie told Hip-Hop Wired,

“It’s greatly important to me because we’re fulfilling southerners’ dreams right now. It’s just music down here in the South and they want to see these Southern Kings. It’s gone be like a big family reunion. Four ghetto boys from Atlanta, GA that made the whole world stop and look at the people down here in the south. We just want everybody to remember Atlanta. A-Town all day.”

Everyone from the Dungeon Family past and present is rumored to be in the house that night including both members of OutKast, Killer Mike and Sleepy Brown as Cee-Lo, T-Mo, Gipp and Khujo set to shut the city down. With a reunion album also in the works, Big Gipp added,

“The Goodie M.O.b reunion and why it is important to me is that it is a testament that there is a God. We’ll be able to give Atlanta a smorges board of what we represent in music. We don’t just represent just one part of the world, we represent all parts of the world. Music personally for me has never been about fame.”