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President And Melania Trump Introduce DHS Secretary Nominee Kirstjen Nielsen

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Omarosa Manigault Newman was already an unlikeable sort dating back to her days on NBC’s The Apprentice and then going on to don a cape for President Donald Trump before she was fired from the gig. Hopping back on the reality television struggle bus, Omarosa got tossed from Celebrity Big Brother despite turning on her former mentor and boss in what some was a cheap attempt to curry favor.

The Washington Post reports:

It has been a headline-making ride for the reality star turned White House staffer, who on Sunday night was evicted from the “Celebrity Big Brother” house during the two-hour finale. And in true Omarosa fashion, there was plenty of melodrama in her final moments.

With her potential eviction looming, she had one last chance to plead her case in front of the four other remaining houseguests. The speech that followed was equal parts stump and sermon.

“We are facing a pivotal moment in this country, but we cannot allow hatred, division and bigotry to tear us down,” Omarosa said. “We are one nation under God, and with the power of the vote, the ballot and bringing our diversity to allow us to unite, we can change this country to be together, united under God.”

In the end, it didn’t matter as the housemates voted unanimously to kick her out the home. And because she’s just about burned every bridge at the White House, don’t expect her to go back to President Trump unless she does some serious tap dancing.

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