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Police line tape crime scene

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Last December, aspiring Georgia rapper Rahim Grant was murdered in an apartment on Lake Ridge Parkway in Clayton County when he was shot 7 times by his baby’s mother, 29-year-old Ceira Harp.

It seemed like an open and shut case when Harp told authorities that she only shot Grant after he attacked her with a knife, but new cellphone video evidence seems to contradict her story of domestic abuse.

According to WSBTV, the video in question shows the 28-year-old rapper recording his own murder when it films him not only saying that he had just been stabbed by his girlfriend, but also captures Harp shooting him after he pleads for a cup of water and asking for a chance to hug their daughter.

Grant’s mother, Geraldine Grant Bryson, says she told her son to record “everything” not knowing he’d end up recording his own murder. Police would’ve never come across the evidence had it not been for Harp giving them Grant’s password for his phone.

According to reports, the video captured the murder and shows Harp picking up the phone and thinking she turned it off, but not actually having done it. It kept on recording and captures Harp screaming that Grant had abused her for four years. When police arrived on the scene they say that Harp did have stab wounds but Grant’s mother doesn’t believe her son was the cause of them. Bryson stated that Harp was “obsessed” with her son but what hurts the most is that she “treated her like a daughter. I really did.”

But those days are long gone and Grant’s mother wants justice for her son’s murder.

“I just want her to realize that you just don’t go around killing people.”

Ciera Harp is currently being held without bail.