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Twitter finally introduced a new feature that is honestly worth using on a regular basis. If you haven’t noticed there is a new share tab located bottom right corner underneath tweets houses the new Bookmark feature that allows users to revisit the tweets later.

Still can’t edit published tweets, though.

We still appreciate this latest update, and the best part about it is you no longer have to essentially like the tweet anymore which is announced to your entire timeline. Your bookmarked tweets can only be seen by you so don’t be ashamed anymore to save that thirst trap that graces the timeline or that weird tweet you want to harp on in your free time. To find the bookmarked tweet, tap your profile avi and in the menu, you will find the bookmark tab. From there you can view and remove your bookmarked tweets.

On top of bookmarks, you can also now share tweets via direct messages or any many other ways off the platform. Twitter is finally listening to their users and used the suggestions that were given to them while they worked on the new feature.

“We Tweeted ongoing updates as we built Bookmarks so we could incorporate your input as we worked. By working this way, we learned that you like to save replies so you can answer later and that you may share a Tweet hours or days later after you’ve bookmarked it. Thank you for being part of this process — your feedback was valuable in building this update, and it made it all the more fun for us as we built a new feature for you. As a result, we all have an easier way to save, share, and stay informed.”

Bookmarking tweets is a great idea now hopefully the next new feature is editing tweets we don’t want anything else.

Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images