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Atlanta always manages to speak on the hypocrisies of the world especially those that affect black folks. We learn Earn was arrested for half a joint and in nod to point out how  messed up and unfair our criminal justice and probation system is to poor people, Earn can’t afford to pay $375 for the anti-drug classes he had to take due to his arrest.

In a full circle moment back to the episodes action-packed and at the same time unfortunate scene, Earn and Darius pass the crime scene where the shootout took place. While getting gas, a police car races by and Darius proclaims ‘Its Robbin Season”, Earn asks what does that mean and Darius replies “Christmas approaches, and everybody gotta eat.”.


There is another Darius moment, Earn asks exactly what flavor is a hot cheeto. Darius answers back “hot”. Twitter took a pull after that one.

Darius and Earn finally make to Willy’s house, Earn tells Darius to stay in the car but he insists on coming in cause he’s feeling some very interesting “vibes”. Willy reluctantly lets Earn and Darius in and Darius drops another gem for the Atlanta viewers to digest.

Willy has Yvonne locked up in the bedroom because he believes she stole $50 from him while he was sleeping. Earn is trying to convince his uncle to end the situation and we learn in the process that Uncle Willy has alligator named coach in the bathroom. Willy gives Earn the keys to the bedroom and to have a conversation with Yvonne and find out exactly what happened. Earn finds outs that Yvonne didn’t call the cops but the neighbors did. While they are in the bedroom two cops show up on the scene and engage in a hilarious back and forth with Willy but Willy never lets them in and warns them about the alligator. The cops don’t believe him, the children and neighbors back up Willy by tell the cops he is the “Alligator Man”of hood legend.

Back inside Earn gives Yvonne a $100 to squash the situation and it seems like that is about to happen. Unfortunately this is Earn’s crazy life and things quickly get out of hand again. Yvonne is fed up and leaves and proclaims she was kidnapped while walking out the house. Darius also leaves because the vibes feel like prison just leaving Earn and his Uncle in the house. In a deep moment, Earn reveals that he feels Al no longer needs him, Willy gives Earn a gold gun and looks as if he is about to give up and tells him to  “get the chip off his shoulder before Earn winds up like him.”

Back outside the front doors open, instead of Willy walking out it’s the legendary alligator casually walking out the front door to tune of “Hey Love” by The Delfonics. While everyone marvels at the sight of the exotic pet in a very iconic scene that is now a legendary gif Uncle Willy is scene running down the street in just his robe and socks.

Twitter enjoyed the amazing scene, Coach the alligator and Katt Williams’ amazing performance.

Earn went through all of that find out he still don’t have no where stay. Welcome back to Atlanta everyone.

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