Atlanta, Season 2 Episode 1 still 2

Source: Guy D’Alema/FX / Guy D’Alema/FX

Last season we learned that Earn made the grown man decision to remain homeless rather than to mooch off Van and Al aka Paper Boi. He is woken up in the same storage unit he decided to rest his head at the end of season one by a worker who catches Earn sleeping in the unit. The worker is there just to steal items out of the unit. Earn explains that’s not how things are supposed to go and the worker replies  “I watch Storage Wars, too,” and lets him know this ain’t that. Earn runs to Al’s house hoping he can find a place to lay his head.

Paper Boi is clearly in a new space cause he got money now so everything  revolves around keeping him content. Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) is and his high wokeness is still there as well.

Earn asks Al if he can sleep on the couch, in response he is given the task to handle a situation going on with his Uncle Willy (Katt Williams) who has supposedly kidnapped his girlfriend Yvonne. Earn accepts the quest and asks for a ride from Darius whom seems to be having some sort of beef with Paper Boi but they never really elaborate on it.

Before they go to Willy’s house Darius takes Earn to see his probation officer. While on the way there Darius drops the “Florida Man” story. Darius in this classic hits blunt moment describes Florida Man as the alt-right version of Johnny Appleseed who happens to be the “Florida Man” in the headlines when crazy but sadly real situations happen int the sate. Twitter was besides themselves when they found out exactly what the hell he was talking about.

It’s very safe to say we will never look at another “Florida Man” headline the same after this episode of Atlanta.


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