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Atlanta Robbin' Season Still

Source: Guy D’Alema / Guy D’Alema/FX

It’s officially Robbin’ Season, Atlanta is back and it’s as deliciously weird and woke as ever cause if you blink you might miss one the shows deep messages. The first episode dubbed “Alligator Man” for very obvious reasons we will get into later in this recap starts off with a bang. 


Atlanta always finds a way to incorporate some insane moment that at first glance will have you saying what just happened but somehow in the end makes sense. When the episode starts we meet two young friends who are just having a casual conversation while one of them plays FIFA. They eventually take a trip to a Mrs. Winners restaurant and put in a drive-thru order. When they roll up to the window and the worker turns to hand them their food they are in the car with masks on and we learn their true intentions—the jux.

They were not there for the food but for the drugs being stashed in the restaurant. One of the masked young men immediately starts shooting and enters the restaurant through the drive-thru window. He heads straight to the back and finds exactly what he was looking for. On his way out he is greeted by the worker who he originally starting shooting at but he is ready this time with an AK 47.

A shootout ensues between the one stick-up kid and the “manager” and the robber manages to make it out to the car. The Mrs. Winners employee follows behind and we see someone is clearly wounded or possibly dead when a young woman covered in blood hops out the car screaming. The car leaves her and just like that Atlanta season 2 begins.

As you can guess, the scene got Twitter’s juices flowing.

Safe to say NO ONE saw that scene coming at all.


Photo: Guy D’Alema/FX


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