Gunplay is still boxing with his demons so he decides he needs some spiritual help to win this fight. Gunplay goes back to his Santeria roots and with the help of his Babalawo (priest) make an offering to Yemaya to get back on track. His girlfriend Keyara with the extremely healthy cakes stops by to have a chat with her relapsed boo. During the conversation, Gunplay pours out his heart and soul to her. She is clearly listening and still loves Gunplay, she gives him an ultimatum. If he wants to save their relationship he has to check himself into rehab.

Gunplay isn’t immediately receptive to the idea but he if that’s what it takes to make things right in his life and his relationship he agrees to do it. We also learn that Gunplay is close to 40 but not there yet. Twitter was quite shocked to learn that he hasn’t cracked the 40 plateau yet and who can blame them. They also had high praise for Keyara and some interesting takes on Gunplay’s religion.

Gunplay has a real one in his corner we wish the best for him as tackles rehab and gets back on the road to sobriety.


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