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Michelle Obama & Parker Curry

Source: Caroline Adler Morales /

Lately, we’ve been hearing the phrase “representation is important” and that was never truer after little Parker Curry was seen gazing in adoration at the portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama at the National Portrait Gallery. An image of Curry staring at the painting went viral, and Mrs. Obama reached out to have a dance party with the cute toddler. reports:

Obama paid a visit to Curry to meet her and her mother, Jessica, and share a little dance. Curry reportedly loved seeing Obama dance on Ellen and thinks she is a “queen.”

Curry’s awestruck expression as she gazed at the portrait, painted by Baltimore native Amy Sherald, went viral on Facebook.

A look over at Mrs. Obama’s Instagram page shows more of the moment as she and Parker are having a pretty heavy discussion about, well, who knows? It’s really one of the most touching things to come across the timeline in a minute.

Check out the cuteness below.