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This definitely might be a first in terms of how an upcoming game has been confirmed. Fans noticed a James Harden was wearing a hat with a logo that resembled the logo of Call of Duty: Black Ops III. They immediately assumed it was the logo for the forthcoming sequel and it looks like they were indeed right.

A new installment in the Black Ops franchise should come as no surprise to no one at this point. We reported on rumblings of a new Black Ops game coming back in February thanks to an insider spilling the beans. Now we have to thank James Harden and his choice of fashion for confirming Black Ops 4 is on the way.

Now disregard Treyarch’s lack of knowledge when it comes to the Roman numeral system but it is indeed legit. Besides Harden’s COD merch, COD insider CharlieIntel also shared an image from a tipster listing Black Ops IV related merchandise such as t-shirts and lanyards on Gamestops internal database. There is also an arrival date of 05/01/2018 for the product but no word if that is also the release date for the game.

To add even more fuel to the Black Ops fire, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier confirmed that Harden’s hat does indeed feature the new Black Op’s game logo.

How Harden got his hands on the merch so early is a mystery but don’t be shocked if we learn he is involved with the game in some shape or form. COD has accumulated a massive celebrity following and over the years have featured them in their ads to help sell their game. Don’t be shocked if Harden pops up on your screen playing a soldier in a new Black Ops commercial. The new game is rumored to take place in modern times but Kotaku’s latest report says “near future”. Details are still very scarce but we will definitely be finding out from Activision/Treyarch very soon.


Photo: Activision