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For those who have been vehemently upset that Instagram jacked up your timeline with their new algorithm, it seems they have heard your digital screams. The sister company of Facebook announced that they will aim to feature “newer” posts in your feed plus they also added the ability to link to hashtags and profiles in your bio.

Well, it’s about damn time.

The company is looking to introduce a “new posts” tab that will make sure you won’t miss those moments your favorite Instagram peeps just uploaded. Once you tap on the tab it will take you to the top of your feed where the “timely posts” live. The new tab hopes to stop users from losing their place in their feed when the app automatically refreshes. Along with the new tab, Instagram is also promising that “newer posts” will show up in your timeline without having to press on the tab all of the time.

It’s not clear if the new posts tab will address the trash algorithm but it’s a start. The algorithm was so bad that a petition was created and amassed 26,000 Instagram users signature. If you are still worried about missing your friend’s posts you could always turn on post notifications.

But who wants all of those notifications popping up? Especially if that particular friend posts a lot.

The ale other new feature that users probably noticed is that you can now link hashtags and profiles in your profile bio. Back in December, Instagram gave it’s users the ability to follow hashtags. Now by just adding # or @ in your profile’s bio you can click on them from there shining giving more focus to your hashtag, business page or company you work for.

Now, what if someone you don’t care for links to your profile in their bio?  You will receive a notification stating that the person linked you to their bio and it will give you the option to either approve or deny the link.

These new updates clearly show Instagram is listening we are still gonna keep hope alive they just scrap that whole algorithm together.

Photo: Thomas Trutschel / Getty