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Dark Man X will seek leniency in the most Hip-Hop way possible at his next court date. X plans to play select tracks from his discography to the judge.

In what seems to be an attempt to illustrate how his difficult upbringing and ongoing battles with drugs has affected him, DMX wants to play “Slippin'” and “Convo” at his upcoming sentencing.

X’s lawyer Murray Richman wrote in a court filing that the “What’s My Name” rapper “may be too emotional to speak.”

He added, “We will ask to play a few of his compositions so that the court may understand him genuinely and his voice.”

Richman contends that lyrics like “Ay yo I’m slippin’ / I’m fallin’ / I can’t get up,” speaks to his long history of failed attempts of beating addiction. Additionally keeping X in jail will only delay him in paying what is owed to Uncle Sam. “For any plan to be successful we must get Mr. Simmons back to work and in a healthy manner. He is one of the few people who indeed can achieve the restitution and make the government whole.”

On March 29, DMX is scheduled to appear in court for a $2.3 million dollar tax bill. He faces up $100K in fines and five years in jail. He has been behind bars since January for failing a drug test while out on bail.

Via New York Post

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