Apple Hosts Education Event At Chicago High School

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The reports of Apple introducing a cheaper version of their iPad were indeed true. Today at their education event at Lane Tech College in Chicago, Apple with the help of CEO, Tim Cook pulled the lid off the $329 iPad 9.7. They also announced a discounted iPad with Apple Pencil support for schools. 

It’s not the $259 iPad as rumored but this is a start.

Besides the price, this new version of the iPad is very similar to the older models with some tweaks.  It still has a 9.7-inch screen, Touch ID sensor, bezel, button placement, and cameras. Like it’s predecessor it will also have 10 hours of battery life, optional LTE support, a front-facing HD FaceTime camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera that supports 1080p video recording. With a cheaper price comes a glaring omission and that comes in the shape of a Smart Keyboard connector.

The biggest new feature coming to the new iPad is its functionality with the Apple Pencil with a slightly updated A10 processor. The screen quality takes a bit of a hit and doesn’t have the same quality as the pro but it’s not super noticeable and still very responsive.


Source: JIM YOUNG / Getty

Apple is looking to make its way into classrooms and gain ground on Microsoft and Google who pretty much own that space. Apple is even offering schools the new iPad with Apple Pencil support at a discounted price of $299. The Apple Pencil alone will cost $89 for schools and for regular customers $99. This is a move that will clearly help them accomplish their mission of getting their products in schools and in the hands of kids across the world. You can head over to Apple now to purchase one.

We still waiting for word on that new MacBook Pro. Whats good with that announcement Apple?

Photo: Scott Olson/ JIM YOUNG / Getty

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