Mona Scott Young loves to play games on these shows when it comes to the actual musical element. Erica Mena is really serious about this music thing and we wished she wasn’t at all. She links up with legendary producer Jazze Pha again for his R&B boot camp and is joined by Estelita and the new object of her thirst Tommie. This entire situation was a pure joke with, Jazze Pha sitting down while Estelita her struggle cakes, Erica are being put through some strenuous physical activities.

What threw LHHATL Twitter into a frenzy is when it was time for the ladies to sing with the vocal coach. For some reason, they had to keep reminding us about Erica’s struggle vocals from her previous stint on LHHNY. Nothing has changed since then because she still sounds terrible oh and Estelita too.

Tommie who conveniently showed up after the physical workouts sounded better than both of them though. That’s not saying much but she wasn’t even really trying though.

We hope this is the last time we hear both Erica and Estelita singing but chances are high it’s not.


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