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Weeks after claiming that the controversial video of him putting hands on a young lady is an extortion plot, XXXTentacion has taken legal action to show and prove that he’s not trying to cover his ass.

TMZ is reporting that the Florida rapper’s legal team has sued the woman in question for fraud and defamation after his lawyer reached out to the girl’s grandparents and were asked what XXXTentacion would be willing to do to “make everything good”?

Aside from the hit caught on film, the young woman’s grandparents are also claiming that the “SAD!” rapper threw a BB gun at her face before the initial hit that was caught on the controversial video. XXXTentacion meanwhile is claiming that the woman is demanding $300,000 in exchange for her silence and that she even threatened to hold a news conference in which she’d label him a “frequent abuser of women.”

The suit also alleges that though the video looks suspect, XXXTentacion was only joking while he danced behind her and simply “tapped the back of her head.” As per XXXTentacion, the woman in the video already admitted it was “horseplay” and she wasn’t injured, but is looking to take advantage of his current situation which, which besides a new album has him awaiting trial for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend in 2016.

Whatever the case may be, none of this is a good look for the Florida rapper, but ultimately he seems to have done it to himself.

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