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Meek Mill In NYC

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What’s it going to take for Meek Mill to get a fair shot? Although the prosecutors say Meek Mill’s drug conviction should be overturned, the controversial judge in the case, Deniece Brinkley, refuses to do.

Reports Page Six:

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office said in court Monday that the Philly rapper’s gun- and drug-related convictions from 2008 should be overturned, after the credibility of Mill’s arresting officer was recently impugned. Mill already served time for the conviction, and is now serving another two to four years in jail on a probation violation.

But the judge in the case, Genece Brinkley, refused to toss the charges and instead scheduled another hearing for June 18.

She also refused to hear arguments that Mill be released on bail.

So basically, Meek is stuck in jail until June because the judge damn sure appears to have a grudge.

The D.A.’s office, which think Meek should be granted bail, told TMZ, it thinks the conviction should be tossed “due to serious issues regarding the credibility of the arresting officer in the case, Officer Reginald Graham. These issues, which only recently became public, have implications for dozens of cases where Graham was the arresting officer.”

As for the cop who lied in court repeatedly, he’s reportedly retired and living in Florida.

To be clear, all parties believe Meek Mill was wrongfully convicted, but he is still behind bars. What part of the game is that?

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