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Source: Activision/Treyarch / Activision/Treyarch

The next installment in the famed Call of Duty: Black Ops franchise will separate itself from previous games thanks to a bold decision. Polygon reports that Black Ops 4 will not have a single-player campaign at all. 

Say what?

If true this move would be totally surprising being that Call of Duty was first known for its intense single-player campaigns that had some intense cinematic moments. The move will mark the first time the famed first-person shooter franchise will ship a game that will forego a single-player story mode.

Inside sources revealed to Polygon that Treyarch will instead focus on expanding Black Ops 4 multiplayer component and the popular Zombies mode. The source also revealed that they plan to put more emphasis on cooperative play modes that aim to replace the single-player campaign in the game.

A spokesperson for Activision has responded to the rumor by saying  “We don’t comment on rumor and speculation. We look forward to revealing Black Ops 4 on May 17th.”


As this is still a shock it does make sense as COD’s multiplayer has become even more popular as the game became a huge hit with gamers. I personally know people who don’t even bother with play the story campaign and just jump straight into the multiplayer mode. For those who feel some sort of way about the news (such as myself) we still got the Modern Warfare 2 remake to look forward to that will only have the games single-player campaign but no multiplayer mode.

Who knows maybe they will install some sort of DLC for the game later down the line. We will surely find out when the Activision has their big reveal for the game on May 17th and when they give us more info at this year’s E3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 arrives on shelves and digital stores Oct. 12, 2018, on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

Are you guys feeling the decision to ditch the single-player campaign? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo: Activision/Treyarch