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We knew it wouldn’t take long for far-right conservatives to incorrectly breakdown Childish Gambino’s thought-provoking and accurate track/video “This Is America.” Conspiracy Theorist and Info Wars host Alex Jones decided he was not going to do any research and accused Glover of practicing voodoo in the visual.

This is exactly why Glover’s song is important.

During his show on Monday, Jones started out rambling about his usual conspiracies when it comes to politics and the so-called witch hunt on his homie President Trump. It was his singular focus on the Hiro Murai directed visual that shines a light on gun violence and contrast of black entertainment and racial unrest that stood out.

The host opened up his attack on what he claims is a forced-fed assault on the public by liberals by butchering Glover’s stage name and accusing Glover of putting people in a trance with his voodoo dance moves.

“Every passing day, the economy comes back what are they going to do? They’re going to challenge us with censored internet, and forced feeding things like Childish Gambino, giving it 10 million views over the weekend. Saying, ‘This is America, this is America, this is America,’” 

“So it’s all this emotional idiocy and people fittingly doing a voodoo dance. You know, I’m looking at video they just played of the Donald Glover Childish Gambino dance he is doing that he probably thinks you think is real original. That’s a voodoo dance he is doing. In fact that’s a full ‘nother subject. Pull me in with voodoo dancing, people in trance, and that is a voodoo dance 110 percent. You’ve got all of that then personified through artwork but they don’t think you know what you’re actually looking at. The Clintons like to go and do their own voodoo rituals, that’s in the news.”

Being that Jones lives in a racist bubble it’s no surprise he didn’t just do his research, and he could have learned precisely what each of dance moves was incorporated in the video by choreographer Sherrie Silver. So yeah Mr. Jones, money spraying, Blockboy JB’s shoot dance, and  South African Gwara Gwara absolutely have nothing to do with Voodoo. You can watch Jones preach his nonsense below.

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