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Former Republican presidential candidate, Arizona Senator John McCain, had to quell the the spontaneous outrage that rang through a town-hall meeting, eventually telling a woman she had to leave.

Before Senator McCain could deliver his opening remarks at his central Pheonix church, an angry audience member continuously yelled over him.

“You’re going to have to stop or you’re going to have to lave,” McCain said to the woman who continued to shout. When security guards escorted her out, McCain said to her, “Goodbye, see ya!”

According to the Associated Press, when McCain opened the the board for questions, one man, obviously angry, pointed and demanded to know why the senator deserves a better health plan than he.

“I’m trying to get it for you,” McCain told him. “We’ll do it for you. We’ll make it affordable and available to you.”

While McCain maintained he would he would continue to fight for reformation of the broken health care industry. However, he took the time to point out his conviction behind Obama’s health care agenda which will eventually lead to the demise of private insurers who won’t be able to compete with a government health care option.

On the other hand, Obama and most Democrats would argue that a government option would serve as a balance of power while private insurers have labeled the initiative a “government takeover.”

During a Q&A session with reporters, an audience member yelled to McCain that he receives hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from insurance companies.

He quipped, “Really? I didn’t know that.”

“There’s more interest and involvement in this issue than I’ve ever seen in many years on a domestic issue,” McCain said afterward. “There’s obviously strong feeling and emotions on this issue and I think the town-hall meetings are a very important way to get people’s viewpoints and allow them to deal directly with their elected representative.”

Democratic town-halls have also run into the issue of angry crowds and in some cases have turned violent. Throughout the month of August, angry opponents have shouted at lawmakers who are pushing for health care reform.

McCain has cancelled a Flagstaff town-hall meeting to attend the memorial service of his longtime friend Senator Edward Jennedy, who passed away Tuesday night.