Thanos In Fortnite

Source: Epic Games/Fortnite / Epic Games/Fortnite

Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrived for Fortnite gamers because the Mad Titan is here. For a limited time, The Avengers’ greatest foe, Thanos is terrorizing Fortnite Battle Royal players in an epic crossover.

There is just one issue, he is just too powerful according to players and Epic had no choice but to tone him down.

Now if only Tony Stark and the Avengers could have gotten a weaker version of Thanos.

The new mode aptly titled Infinity Gauntlet allows players to control Thanos once they locate the Gauntlet on the map. The limited event is a hit with gamers and has even spawned some pretty hilarious videos featuring the universally feared Marvel villain showing us his dance moves.

That’s all fun and games, but when things got serious on the map, players quickly learned Thanos was no joke and immediately pointed that complaint boards on Reddit.

Epic Games took notice and listened and immediately issued a patch that lowered the power of the character. The “hotfix” reduced Thanos’ shield and health by 100 each and lowered the power of his laser down from 15 to 12. Don’t get it twisted he is still no pushover though and will issue you a proper fade on sight if you are not prepared. The tweaks to Thanos will also allow other players to get their chance to try and wipe out the competition with the snap of their fingers.

If you haven’t got a chance to play in the new mode yet you better hurry before it’s gone.

Photo: Epic Games/Fortnite

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