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Michael B. Jordan

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Ever since Vladimir Putin helped Donald “The Racial Divider” Trump get elected the 45th President of The United States, white folks been getting too comfortable with their shenanigans both on and off camera. One of the latest examples came when Black Panther co-star Michael B. Jordan was being interviewed by journalist Maude Garrett, who seemed so proud of herself that she had seen the record-breaking movie she disregarded the factchecking.

After getting dapped up for seeing the film, Garrett wanted Jordan to greet her with the arms crossed Wakanda salute after making the gesture as if she was down. Why? We have no idea.

But instead of appeasing the colonizer, a visibly annoyed MBJ simply said “I ain’t from Wakanda.” Which he’s not—Michael B. Jordan was born in Santa Ana, CA but reps for Newark, NJ. And as for his Black Panther character, Killmonger, that man represents Oakland, California. Get familiar. people.

After catching all kinds of comedic slander and backlash in the Black Twitter-verse, Garrett knew she’d come off as tone deaf and a tad bit ignorant during the interview and issued an apology for her request to anyone who found “offense”

Well, at least she took the time to apologize for her actions which is much more than anyone currently occupying the White House can say after the countless offensive statements and actions that have come from various people in that administration.


Here’s the interview between Michael B. Jordan and Maude Garrett in it’s entirety and as you can see, the pair really was just having fun with each other from the get-go. A little context can go a long way. Just sayin.’

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