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Killmonger’s (Michael B. Jordan) story in Marvel Studios’ mega-blockbuster Black Panther is a  very tragic one. As presented, it had viewers conflicted on whether or not he was a villain (he definitely was) or more of a hero than the films obvious protagonist T’Challa.

New information provided by the film’s director in regards to Killmonger’s mother blurred the lines even more.

Di Bleck Pantha is about to add to those fantastic records with its digital release tomorrow and physical on the 15th of this month. Deleted scenes have been hitting the net at a feverish pitch giving fans more depth to the already thought-provoking comic book film. Director, Ryan Coogler provided even more insight into the movie when he revealed to The Hollywood Reporter the fate of Killmonger’s mother.

Before the events of the film, it is already established that  N’Jobu (Sterling K. Brown), brother of King T’Chaka, falls in love with a woman while in Oakland. That love produces Erik “Killmonger” Stevens as well as a much different perspective on the world outside of hidden Kingdom of Wakanda.

The beginning of the theatrical cut of the film we are introduced to N’Jobu and a young Zuri (Daniel Whitaker) going over a plan in an Oakland apartment. Besides the idea of wanting to arm oppressed black people with Vibraninium weaponry, we never knew exactly what the paperwork they were looking over was. Until now.  Here is Coogler’s explanation of the scene:

“The idea was when you see those guys talking over the paperwork in the beginning of the film, they’re talking about a way to break her out of jail. “The idea was they never got her out, and she passed away in prison, so Killmonger didn’t come up with a mom either.” 


T’Challa eventually learns what his father did to his uncle and how he abandoned his nephew back in Oakland leaving him to drown in sorrow and revenge. Coogler dubbed that scene the most important moment of his film and famed director, Francis Ford Coppola co-signed after seeing an early cut of the film he revealed to THR.

While there is no confirmation of a directors cut of the film on the way, after learning all of this plus seeing some deleted footage an extended version of Black Panther would be welcomed.

Photo: Marvel Studios