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White people who love Hip-Hop music, your support is welcome but you rapping the N-word onstage or otherwise via song is not. Now that we got that out of the way, Kendrick Lamar gave the world another example of this simple life lesson and shut down a Pasty Patty onstage who got some manner of courage to drop the term then got promptly shut down.

Kendrick Lamar was onstage in Alabama for the Hangout Fest and a young woman was invited to rap along with the Compton superstar and things started off rather well. However, when Delaney dropped the N-word without as much a cautionary blink, her larger concern was that getting K-Dot’s cool stamp approval instead of, you know, realizing she is not of the hue to do the do.

Once again, our dear white friends, the word is not for your usage despite the prevalence of it in the music you enjoy. Let us have this one and you guys get to keep craft beer and LEED-certified dog parks in urban environments, cool? Cool.

Fans on Twitter have been roasting Delaney for her gaffe and we hope, for her sake, she realizes how cool she wasn’t at that moment. For what it’s worth, Dot seemed to be ok with it. The crowd and social media? Not so much.

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