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Donald Trump’s cell phone use is not only a threat to our sanity daily, but it could also be a significant national security issue as well. 

Politico reports that according to two senior administration officials, Agent Orange is still using cell phones that lack sophisticated security features to secure his communications. Trump loves to buck the system when it comes to his predecessors, so it really doesn’t shock us that he opts to not follow the common practice that protects him from hacking and surveillance.


Administration officials revealed that Trump has stopped efforts to strengthen security to secure his daily cell phone use on numerous occasions. According to one official, White House Information Technology and the White House Communications Agency issued President Trump two phones, one for making calls and the other just for Tweeting and checking pre-loaded news sites (more than likely Fox News).

The experts insist that Trump should swap out his weapon of mass distraction aka his tweeting phone every month. Trump feels otherwise claiming that it’s “too inconvenient” for him to do so and has gone as long as 5-months without his phone being checked by security experts. No one really knows how many times Trump’s call-capable cellphones have been swapped out since.

The White House has yet to respond to Politico’s reporting, but a senior West Wing official states the call-capable phones  “are seamlessly swapped out on a regular basis through routine support operations. Because of the security controls of the Twitter phone and the Twitter account, it does not necessitate regular change-out.”


President Barack Obama during his Presidency handed in his White House issued phones to telecommunications staffers every 30 days to be inspected for hacking and suspicious behavior. His phones didn’t even have a camera or microphone, but Trump’s still does making them a security risk. The West Wing official refuted those claims of course and tells Politico “Due to inherent capabilities and advancement in technologies, these devices are more secure than any Obama-era devices.”

Let’s not forget Donald Trump as a candidate used to bash Hillary Clinton for her use of private email server while she was Secretary of State. But he can’t swap out his phone every 30-days for the safety of the country he took an oath to protect. With him currently engaged with China in a trade war and sit down with North Korea, you would think securing his phones is a priority. We see the jig here.

Photo: Rick Friedman / Getty