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Source: Epic Games/Nick Chester / Epic Games/ Nick Chester

Fortnite’s popularity is not waning anytime soon, and this latest news about the money the game has pulled in April alone is a clear indication.

It isn’t a stretch to say that Epic Games didn’t foresee just how popular Fortnite would become since it’s release. Since Drake’s “co-sign” by joining popular Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins game session the dollars have been pouring in. SuperData Research, a games sales tracker, reports the mega-popular battle royale game managed to pull in $296 million just in April across mobile, console and PC platforms. That amount is more than double the amount it made in February when it surpassed Players Unknown Battlegrounds for the first time ever by pulling in $126 million.

Epics free-to-play model for Fortnite is what helps the game win by getting it into hands of so many players. They get all that money back thanks to in-game purchases made by those gamers. Players willingly purchase cosmetic items that don’t affect gameplay such as often times ridiculous costumes and dance moves to taunt their opponents with. Epic also pushes for a very affordable $10, a season pass for the game called Battle Pass. The company has sold so much in-game content that in April Fortnite has made more money than Avengers: Infinity War did on its opening weekend.

Well damn.

Other factors that also contribute to Fortnite’s continued success include the iOS mobile version coming out of beta mode back in April. Sensor Tower, a mobile analytics firm reports the mobile version brings in more than $1 million a day. Keep in mind the mobile game isn’t even available for Android users yet until sometime this Summer, so we definitely expect that number to increase.

Epic also announced that they will be setting aside $100 million for prize pools for upcoming Fortnite tournaments which will begin later this year going into 2019. That should help the game remain popular in the e-sports realm as well as streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube.

At this point, if you haven’t begun playing Fortnite we only have one question? What in the world are you waiting for?

Photo: Epic Games/Nick Chester