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Meek Mill continues to garner support from all sides. The lawyer who will be taking legal proceedings against the rapper has requested that he be given a new trial.

According to case paperwork obtained by TMZ the District Attorney feels that the evidence presented in the past should no longer be considered. “In light of recent disclosures regarding this officer’s misconduct, the Commonwealth is not able to stand behind the credibility of his trial testimony at this time. Accordingly, the Commonwealth concedes that a new trial is necessary.”

The Philadelphia MC’s prior conviction was garnered through the testimony of the arresting police officer who claimed Meek was in possession of a weapon and drugs. Recently it was confirmed said lawman had a long history of corruption and had falsified details in arrest reports.

This is not the first time the prosecutor has requested a clean start for this trial. During a previous hearing he asked Judge Genece Brinkley for the same motion but she denied it citing that the officer took the witness stand under her watch.

Today Meek’s legal counsel will ask that Judge Brinkley be removed from the case due to bias.


Photo: Brian Stukes/Getty Images