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When news emerged that tensions on the set between Fox’s Lethal Weapon costars Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford, it revealed what seemed to be a dangerous work environment. New audio has surfaced of an argument between the pair that at least adds to the claim the actors had issues with one another.

Variety reports:

One virulent exchange from March caught on the actors’ microphones and captured in a video provided to Variety (see above) exemplifies Crawford and Wayans’ fraught relationship. Just moments before the two actors shot a scene together, they exchanged profane insults, with Crawford telling Wayans, “You’re the biggest crybaby p—y I’ve ever met in my life,” and Wayans responding, “Well suck this p–y’s d–k.”

That conversation and the explosive argument that followed occurred during the filming of Season 2’s 20th episode, just weeks before shooting wrapped for the season. But on-set tension first began to escalate months earlier in August, during the second of two episodes directed by Eric Laneuville.


The outlet adds it let go a number of crew members who sided with Crawford and stated that Wayans was also a headache on set. One instance that Wayans’ assistant produced demands from the actor that he be fed lunch every two-and-a-half hours and be allowed to take a nap afterward and be left alone until necessary.

The show has since been renewed and Seann William Scott will join the series playing a different character that might be to Crawford’s Martin Riggs.

A warning: the language in the clip is vulgar.

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