Round One of Tokyo vs. Spice finally arrived, and boy did things get heated. Mimi and Sierra hosted a brunch and invited the two enemies to air out their grievances. While Mimi and Sierra’s intentions were noble just for the sake of peace, it turned out to be a terrible idea. Spice is already not feeling Tokyo due to the word getting back to her about Spice saying things behind her back. When Mimi and Sierra tell Spice that Tokyo is on the way she is absolutely disgusted.

Once Tokyo finally arrives at the brunch the shade coming from Spice is so thick you can cut it with a knife. Tokyo informs Spice she really doesn’t have a problem with Spice, her issue is with Tabius.

Spice wants to know if Tokyo and Tabius are still an item? Tokyo says no but informs Spice that Tabius has been hitting her up on social media. We are still trying to understand why they are stressing over Tabius in the first place.

Well anyway, things officially get real when Spicy hits below the belt and shames Tokyo over her weight. Tokyo keeps her feelings in check until she gets up to leave and throws her purse at Spicy and misses. Before the two can get hands on each other security steps in to break up the fight. Spicy gets in an extra shot by taking off her shoe and throwing it at Tokyo. They are eventually escorted out and put in separate vehicles and taken away.

Twitter sounded off about the moment and let Spice have it and shamed her for talking about Tokyo’s weight.

Spice knew she went too far with her insults she even took the time to issue an apology on her IG account.

The fight is far from over though.


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