The moment that everyone is in town for has arrived and that is the grand opening of Rasheeda’s Pressed store in Houston. Rasheeda is in on cloud nine, and happy all of her friends are there to witness the occasion. Little does she know her enemy is in town too. Once the opening was wrapped, it was time for the after party which featured a performance from Just Brittany.

Seasoned Love & Hip Hop viewers know these show performances are never any good and Just Brittany keeps the tradition going. It didn’t help that no in the spot was paying her any also.

Erica Mena didn’t help matters at all by chastising Just Brittany for her performance, but viewers just really want to know why Erica Mena is on this show?

Another thing Twitter couldn’t let slide was Sean Garrett’s hair.

Yikes. The night gets a little interesting when Kirk’s baby mother Jasmine walks in.

She is dead serious about talking to Rasheeda about her situation Kirk and literally traveled across the map to do so. Rasheeda dismisses Kirk and she decides she is going to handle the situation. She tells Jasmine about her self in the calmest boss way possible and Jasmine, for the most part, owns up to her poor behavior. The discussion never gets heated, but we still feel that Rasheeda just never keeps the same energy for her cheating husband whom she continually gives a pass.

We so no lies here at all. We are looking forward to the second round of Spice vs. Tokyo next week.



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