NBA Live 19

NBA 2K19 is still king, but EA Sports is not bowing down. NBA Live 18 was a pleasant surprise and it should shock no on that EA is releasing NBA Live 19. Returning in this year’s iteration of the once popular basketball game franchise is The One with some new tweaks. Players will now be able to unlock new “ICON abilities” which are inspired by current-day and legends.

The street mode will be going global now with an expanded Pro-Am tour that will feature courts from the around the world. You can now break ankles in Paris, Rio de Janeiro and other courses that will be added over the year. Of course, the controls which were very well-received have been improved as well allowing players to pull off, even more, moves fluidly. On-ball defense has also been enhanced as developers hope they can get players to play some one-on-one defense instead hovering around the rim. NBA Live 19 launches September 7th on PlayStation 4 Xbox One. A playable demo will be available on August 24th. EA is hoping they can close the gap between NBA Live and NBA 2K this year. Check out the reveal trailer for NBA Live 19 below.


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