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Solo: A Star Wars Story poster

Source: Walt Disney Pictures / Walt Disney Pictures

Solo: A Star Wars Story is a capable and entertaining entry to the Star Wars canon. Disney continues to move the franchise forward—ironically with another prequel (see: Rogue One)—via great storytelling.

But besides an excellent screenplay that featured enough Easter Eggs to make Star Wars geeks giddy, the superb casting must also be noted.

Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian—the rogue made popular by Billie Dee Williams in the original trilogy—the cast overall was thoroughly on point.

With that in mind, here are five reasons Solo: A Star Wars Story is worthy of spending your hard-earned coin, despite no lightsabers in sight (wink, wink).


Solo: A Star Wars Story

Source: Disney/Lucas Film / Disney/ Lucas Film

Chewbacca gets his due.

For the longest Chewbacca was regulated to sidekick and dependable muscle status. The 160 year-old Wookie still is quick to deliver a fade but he got plenty of screentime, and we were here for it.


Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian

Source: Lucas Films / Lucas Films

Lando Calrissian

Donald Glover definitely used Billie Dee’s portrayal as the basis for his, but he brought a further sophistication for his take. Disney, give him his own film, trust us.


Solo: A Star Wars Story Millennium Falcon

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The Millenium Falcon looked fresh.

We finally learned exactly how Han was able to get his hands on his ship. This made the flick worthwhile by itself. Also, seeing a brand spanking new Millenium Falcon was a nice treat, even if [REDACTED].


Solo: A Star Wars Story Qi'ra

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Keleesi was bearable.

Emilia Clarke actress aka Keleesi from Game of Thrones aka Tarzan of the Seven Kingdoms aka Qi’ri actually did her thing in the flick. The character turned out to be interesting despite the annoying love tale that got in the way of the action too many times for our tastes. No shots.


Solo: A Star Wars Story Han Solo

Source: Disney / Disney

Han’s origin.

For many, Han Solo will always and only be Harrison Ford. However, actor Alden Ehrenreich was able to channel the spirit of the character while adding his own nuances to the role. Han’s origin story, as far as his name, was also quick, but dope.


Solo: A Star Wars Story - Kessel Run

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The Kessel Run.

This is mildly spoilery, but it’s not like Han hasn’t mentioned his acing of The Kessel Run, repeateadly. Why finally got to see what he was always bragging about, and it was a wild ride.


The Ron Howard-directed Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now.