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IHOP International Pancake Day

Source: Radio One Staff / Radio One Houston

Behold! The International House of Pancakes is no more! Long live the International House of… Burgers? Doesn’t the current White House have a claim to that name?

A week after announcing that they were changing their name to IHOb, IHOP finally revealed that the “b” in their new name stands for burger. As in they’re going to specialize in hamburgers because their just aren’t enough burger franchises in America.

Needless to say the twitterverse wasn’t “imbressed” and immediately let IHOb know as much.

Given the public reaction to IHOb having officially entered the ground beef arena we’re wondering how long it’ll be before they turn that ‘b’ upside down again and backtrack to their pancake ways.

Peep more slander below and on the flip.

Photo: IHOP

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