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Fashion Nova, a clothing company that built its fame using social media “influencers” such as Amber Rose and Kylie Jenner to sport their clothes, also offers its wares at low price points via online sales. The company has introduced a men’s line and it doesn’t look like it’s getting the love many hoped for.

Fashion Nova’s new line, stylized as FashionNovaMEN, was a trending topic via Twitter Tuesday morning (June 12) after initially teasing the news back in April. All 512 pieces from the men’s line are now online and for the taking but unlike the women’s side of things, fans on Twitter don’t appear to be feeling the fits.

“[F]ashion nova mens line looks like it was designed by the writers of Insecure,” one user tweeted. Another added, “Fashion Nova really had me on the email waiting list just to drop this? I’m calling HR.”

While the jokes have been flying in hard and heavy, there are some Fashion Nova fans out there excited at the prospects but for the most part, it looks like slander city. With this being the first rollout for the Los Angeles-based company, expect some tweaks to some of the gear to come.

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