Last week Kirk’s daughter, Kelsie took it upon himself to see Jasmine and meet her new brother Kannon try and figure out what exactly is going on. This week she takes things a step further and sets up an ambush and putting her father in a position he should have been in a long time ago. Kirk initially believed he was just going to be having a convo with her but learns that Jasmine and Kannon are also there forcing the meeting between father, son and baby mama.

It was a genuine moment, and Kannon quickly took to his father, but viewers were a bit skeptical leaving them to believe Kirk has met the child already.

To remember the moment Kelsie takes a selfie with her dad and Kannon that will be the topic of discussion between Kirk and his wife, Rasheeda. During a visit to her new larger Pressed location, Rasheeda brings up the meeting, and she is low key annoyed that he went without informing her. We find out what we already knew that Rasheeda took his sorry self back but Kirk breaks down exactly how the meeting came to be. Rasheeda comes to an understanding with Kirk but tells him she is not ready to meet Kannon yet, but she is okay with the kids being around him.

These two just continue to work our nerves on this show every season, and it’s becoming very exhausting.


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