Stevie is still dead ass serious about this whole Danger Zone Records thing and his showcase is still on. He did not get his wish in signing Just Brittany to a contract but he still has the Panamanian Goddess, Estelita. Erica Mena shows up to the showcase, but Stevie isn’t too happy to see her after receiving a DM from her. Stevie knows she was responding to him asking Sean Garrett if she could sing, so the tension is thick.

After Esetelitas performance things go from 0-100 quickly first a fight breaks out between Erica Mena and Stevie J’s daughter Savannah. Then, Just Brittany who wasn’t invited decides to show up. The ladies quickly react to each other in typical Love & Hip Hop fashion calling each other names having to be held back. Erica Mena finds Louboutin on the floor and pours a drink in thinking it belongs to Brittany but it actually was Spice’s shoe.

We so missed this type of drama, it will pick back up next week when Erica’s ex Rich Dollaz makes an appearance.

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