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Source: Epic Games/Nick Chester / Epic Games/ Nick Chester

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the popular online gamer who used the “n-word” in a so-called accidental fashion, got himself on the map for other reasons beyond using racist slurs. Drake and Ninja squared off on the Fortnite game a few times with Drizzy saying he’d cough up $5,000 in a bet but apparently the 6 God never paid the debt.

“It’s actually sad, because I think Ninja would have preferred to have made a meaningful connection with Drake as a person as opposed to having received 5k from him, and not just because it’s Drake, but because they had a really clean rapport during their games,” @Pierce7D, an Esports gamer and coach, wrote on July 7 via Twitter.

Ninja replied with, “To be fair, he never gave me the 5k, nor do I want it. And you are absolutely on point tbh.”

Looks like Drake should be making a call soon, no?

Photo: Epic Games