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After decades of debates about whether or not Die Hard was a Christmas movie, the film’s star, Bruce Willis has finally put that argument to rest.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, during Comedy Central’s Roast of Bruce Willis, the star of the 80’s cult classic took to the stage and decided to declare that “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!” Well, so much for that claim.

For decades fans of Die Hard considered the film their favorite Christmas movie being that it took place during Christmas. While most people could care less if it’s a Christmas movie or not, diehard fans of the film (no pun intended), refuse to accept anything other than their favorite movie is in fact a Christmas film. Why? We have no idea nor do we care to understand.

We’re not sure how Die Hard fanatics will take the news but we’re almost sure it’ll be one of those agree to disagree moments and they’ll continue to live a lie. The only thing that can save them now is having the film’s director and/or writers come out and declare themselves that the film is in fact a Christmas movie.

Then again, maybe Bruce Willis was just joking around. He did make the statement at his own roast and roasts are places where everyone just says outlandish things to hurt other peoples feelings. Either way, Die Hard was still a dope movie regardless of holidays.

Comedy Central’s The Roast of Bruce Willis airs on July 29.