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For those in the know, Dasha Polanco has embraced her status as a curvy woman and has worn clothing to accentuate that strongly confirmed fact. The Orange Is The New Black star recently was the subject of a nude photo shoot and wrote an opinion piece regarding body acceptance.

From Women’s Health:

I got to a point where I wished I could cut off my rolls with scissors. I would grab at my thighs and say, “Ugh, I hate you, you’re ugly, I don’t like you! Oh my God, I just want to get rid of this!” But talking to myself that way never made me feel better, just guilty.

The biggest shift in how I viewed my body happened when I became a mother 16 years ago. I wanted to instill in my kids self-acceptance and a sense of self-love. I wanted them to know they’re unique and that that’s what makes them beautiful. I wanted them to be confident, and I knew I had to model that.

Read the rest of Dasha Polanco’s beautiful piece here.