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Casanova 2x

Source: Xilla Valentine / NoKable

Brooklyn rapper Casanova will reportedly surrender to cops today (August 15) for allegedly attacking a woman in a Manhattan diner. The victim claims the rapper and another man put hands on her because they thought she was filming him with her phone. 

Niya Rucker, 22, filed a complaint against the rapper. She claims she was simply filming her meal for Instagram Live, but Casanova’s crew thought otherwise. Instead, she got placed in a headlock and believes it was Casanova that twister her, took her phone and deleted the footage.

Rucker claims she was left with a busted jaw, stitches and a loose tooth. Casanova denies it went down.

“Casanova adamantly denies the allegation that he assaulted anyone,” the attorney told Page Six. “Any contention he did so is totally false. We are in the process of conducting our own investigation into these false allegations.”

There seems to be footage from the diner, so if Casanova didn’t do anything wrong, he’ll be vindicated, right?

Photo: Xilla Valentine