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Robert Glasper has reached the no f*cks given portion of his career, and it showed in a recent interview. During the chat, the award-winning jazz and R&B musician and August Greene member aired out Lauryn Hill for her shady dealings and said that the singer hasn’t done enough to behave in the way she does.

As reported in full by our sister site Madame Noire, Glasper was a guest on 97.9’s The Mad Hatta Show and was prompted to speak on his time working with the former Fugees star. Glasper held nothing back and was quite passionate in expressing his disdain for how Hill treated him and his fellow musicians back in 2008 to the point of nearly docking his pay after she was apparently dissatisfied with how they were learning her backing music despite 10-hour practice sessions she allegedly changed daily.

From Madame Noire:

Host: Do you feel like y’all were messing up though?

Not at all. It was a superband.

She has a thing of—she likes to fire bands. I can name you—I can rattle off 15 guys off the top of my head. She will go on tour with a band and in the city that they’re doing a show, she’ll hold auditions for her band. One of my boys flew to Japan to do shows in Japan. While she’s in Japan, she’s holding auditions in the hotel, in the ballroom for her band. That’s super gangsta! And nothing’s wrong. The bands are good. She gets the best musicians. She just has a thing.

Anyway, the last rehearsal they go around to everybody, basically like ‘If you’re not cool, you can leave.’ I didn’t need that gig. I’m making money of my own. I have my own career at that time. I was eating a beef patty, I’ll never forget it. And I said, ‘When I finish my beef patty, I’m going home so y’all can do what y’all need to do.’

But look, I’m the principle piano player. I know they need me. The gig’s tomorrow. So I’m like, I’m going home. I walk out. The manager runs— first of all, before she even came in, the MD, my friend said, ‘Just so you know, don’t look her in the eye and you have to call her Ms. Hill.

The entire interview is worth a watch. Check out Robert Glasper letting the gat spray on Lauryn Hill in the clip below at the 27-minute mark.

Photo: WENN